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Customs Department Interim Guidelines

Manual Submission of Bermuda Customs Declarations (BCDs)
(effective 22nd September 2023)



Government is experiencing a network interruption. In consequence, electronic submission of BCDs to Customs is not currently possible.


During the course of the network interruption, the submission of BCDs may be done manually, and in accordance with these interim guidelines. Customs will notify importers when normal electronic submission resumes.


Manual submission of BCDs

Declarants may obtain release of imported goods by making submission of simplified hard copy (paper) BCD packages at the Customs Reception on the 1st Floor of the Custom House, 131 Front Street, Hamilton. Contents of BCD package


The simplified BCD package should comprise-

  1. Two copies of properly completed BCD header sheet (i.e. fields 1 through 14 and physically signed by the declarant)
  2. Two copies of the relevant transport document (AWB/BOL)
  3. Two copies of any required authorization certificates or import permits


Each set of copies must be properly collated and stapled.


Duty payment

Duty payment may be made - 1. in cash; or 2. by wire transfer to HSBC account 010-125193-001


Collection of shipments

To obtain delivery of shipments, the declarant should arrange for a Customs stamped and released copy of both the relevant header sheet and transport document.



Any customs clearance questions or general enquiries should be sent to

For the Collector of Customs